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After years of being the "go to guys" for all of their friends' computer problems, James Derk and Steve Cooper decided to create CyberDads with a simple pledge: we'll do what we promise, we'll do it correctly and we'll do it for a flat, pre-agreed price.

No more rip-offs from the blue shirts, the Geeks with huge hourly charges, or "we only work Monday through Friday". CyberDads offers services nights and weekends at no extra charge. Also no more waiting weeks for the work to get done - turnaround is usually a couple of days. And if you live in the Evansville area, they'll pick up your PC at your home and bring it back. If you're not local, the CyberDads can fix your PC over the Internet, even. They have happy customers from Boston to Seattle.

If you have a computer problem, CyberDads has the solution.

Call us at 812-454-9900

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