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After years of being the "go to guys" for everyone's computer problems, the CyberDads (James Derk and Dr. Stephen Cooper) decided to offer the service to others. Our pledge is simple; we'll do what we promise, we'll do it correctly and we'll do it for a flat, pre-agreed price. No more rip offs from the blue shirts, no more hourly charges, no more "we only work Monday through Friday."
CyberDads offers services nights and weekends, too. No extra charge.  We service the entire Evansville, IN area.
Virus? Trojan Horse? Computer acting whacked? We're so good at fixing our kids' computers that yours should be a snap. Click here to see our list of services. If your need isn't listed, give us a call and we'll shoot you a no-nonsense quote.

$99 Summer Special (Flat Rate, No Surprises) 

·        We take your PC (CPU only) to our shop or you can drop it off. We remove all viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware and other software that is ailing your computer as well as show you how to keep bad things off your system in the future.

·        Install all critical Microsoft patches to bring your Windows operating system up to date

·        Clean and lubricate cooling fans to keep your PC running cool

·        Complete diagnostics

$149 Summer Extra Value Package (Flat Rate) 

·        All of the above plus installation and configuration of a software “firewall” to protect your systemfrom intruders

·        Installation of a licensed, legal version of Norton Anti-Virus, the world’s most popular anti-virus product, including 12 months of free weekly updates

·        We’ll come to you and do the work on site (residential only) if you wish.



Who are we? Co-owner James Derk is a Newburgh father of 8 children who also happens to be a nationally syndicated computer / technology columnist. (His column of computer tips has been printed in the Evansville Courier & Press and other newspapers for more than 10 years.)  He also creates and maintains Web sites for non-profit groups around the country. Co-owner Steve Cooper is a Newburgh father of 3 with a doctorate in chemistry. He's a longtime computer user and expert.


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